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About Me:

My name is Coach Jacob I started swim lessons at 6 months of age and was swimming on my own before I could walk!

I loved being in the water all the time when I got to high School I decided to take my swimming to another level competing for the school team. I made the Varsity team as a freestyle swimmer competing in sprints, distance and team relays making it all the way to state!  After high school at the age of 19 I moved to Florida and started working as a swim Instructor/ lifeguard and personal trainer. I learned how to push and coach clients of all ages to reach their goals, overcome fears and encourage those who need it. I Fell in love with the feeling of helping others. I decided to pursue a career as an Ocean Guard, upon completing my ocean tests I learned how important it is for not just children but everyone to learn how to swim in Florida! I decided an ocean guard position was valuable but not my calling. At the age of 21 I became the Broward County Director for the Preschool Enrichment company Story Time Soccer I held this position for 5 years. Over my span I learned exactly how to teach and coach children of all ages, helping them build confidence, knowledge, and increase motor development skills in all sports and day to day activities.  After 5 years of learning how to work with children ages 1.5 and up it was time for me to combine my passion for children and swimming and that is how Superhero Swim Academy was born! We have created a fun and energetic way to teach swim lessons and pool safety to any skill level for an affordable rate!

I Cant Wait to work with you and your child to reach your Superhero Swimming Goals! 

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About Me:

Hello Im Coach Ivan! Growing up I absolutely loved swimming and was fascinated by the vast world underneath the water. As I aged , my passion for swimming grew deeper and deeper leading me to begin the study of freediving! Through the years of freediving I was amazed to discover just how capable the human body is in aquatic conditions. Whether it be our MDR (mammalian dive reflect) or our ability to equalize pressure deep under water. Naturally I consider the beautiful waters of Florida to be one of my havens, I also acknowledged the danger that follows when precautionary measures are not met. This made me prioritize knowledge in water safety and pushed me to become a Certified Lifeguard and Swim Instructor. I began my Coaching career with a preschool enrichment program called Story Time Soccer and was able to hone my coaching skills. Over the years of visiting numerous schools across Florida I started to see the results of my coaching in each child. I'm excited to leave a lasting impression on your little one's safety and skills in the water! 

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